Employer Fire me for getting sick

Can My Employer Fire Me for Getting Sick?

This is probably one of the top three most commonly asked questions at employment and labor law offices. The concern is that a person may …

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photo of a couple in a lawyer's office settling a divorce

Legal Problems do Not Happen in a Vacuum

A woman was at work and her supervisor started making suggestive remarks that were clearly inappropriate. She told him to stop, but it did not …

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woman in front of laptop looking distraught

Punished for Reporting Sexual Harassment: What Every Employee Should Know

There was a 50% increase in the number of sexual harassment claims brought in 2018, when compared to the prior year. This is according to …

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Unique Challenges in Law Enforcement Discrimination Cases

Law enforcement, like any career, has its own unique challenges. Police officers are faced with frequent stress, odd work hours, and constant physical demands and …

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The police at the stadium event secure a safe match against the hooligans

Police Brutality as a Constitutional Problem

To be clear, there are thousands of wonderful and dedicated law enforcement officers out there doing great work in their communities. Just as those officers …

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Friendly female sitting at her workplace

When is “Aging Out” Unlawful?

If you have been in your career for some time and you are approaching your golden years, you may be worrying about how long you …

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Therapist meeting with her patient

Can I be Fired for Mental Health Problems?

For Americans living with mental illness, it can be difficult to face the problems head-on due to unfair stigmas and society’s broad misunderstanding of what …

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Job interview

Five Signs That You May be a Victim of Age Discrimination

The law says that you have a right to compete in the workforce without regard to your age. However, as you can probably guess, employers …

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woman with laptop in the hospital

Six Common Myths About Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  

Think you know your rights to leave? Think again. Many Americans take advantage of protections under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) each year, …

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know your rights regarding employment discrimination

Discrimination is Alive and Well in 2018: Know Your Rights

It is 2018. Women are working in all levels of business and in all industries. Yet, employment discrimination based on sex is sadly alive and …

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can an employer fire me for a workers compensation claim

Can I be Fired for Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim?

In a perfect world, the law would tell us what is allowed, and everyone would follow it. Unfortunately, the law is flawed in an important …

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