Lawyers for Life's Transitions

We represent people facing a variety of legal problems. From family court and estate planning to government misconduct and employment disputes, our lawyers are here to help clients find the best possible solutions to their legal problems.

Employment Law

Kira Fonteneau & Allen Arnold

Kira and Allen comprise our Employment Law division. Employees are often outspent and outmanned when it comes time to defend their rights, Kira and Allen have a well-earned reputation with evening what can often be a described as an uneven playing field.

Estate Planning & Probate Law

Burton Dunn & Kristin Waters Sullivan

Burton and Kristin and their support staff make up our Estate Planning and Probate Law Division. They bring the attention to detail and knowledge of legal minutiae that are vital to successfully navigating complex probate matters such as conservatorships and guardianships, contested wills and trusts, and estate and tax planning. Burton and Kristin are also experienced in navigating the bureaucracies of Veterans Affairs, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

Family Law

Heather Fann

Heather heads up the Family Law division. Family Law requires a unique set of skills. Not only does the attorney need a comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of Family Law, she also needs the heart and empathy to connect with her clients and help them through one of the toughest time in their lives. Heather possesses both the knowledge and heart to assist her clients through their family transitions.

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