Millions of children are looking for a home, and sadly there are just not enough qualified and willing parents out there. For this reason, it can often be frustrating when someone who wishes to adopt is told that they can not. Often bureaucratic rules and red tape get in the way and create massive roadblocks to those who are seeking to adopt a child. Moreover, there are situations in which a family member may wish to adopt a stepchild, niece or nephew, or even a grandchild. While most would agree this is a wonderful opportunity, the law can be a bit challenging at times, leaving well-intentioned families feeling hopeless. 

Do not despair, though. You have options. An experienced Alabama adoption attorney can help you petition for adoption and keep things moving forward smoothly. The experienced adoption lawyers of Five Points Law Group know the common pitfalls and obstacles that adoptive parents face, and they can help you navigate the system from start to finish.

Alabama Adoptions

There are a lot of pathways to parenthood. The path that you choose is as unique as the child you will adopt. Here are some of the common types of adoptions we can help you with:

Sometimes a young or unprepared mother may be in crisis and not know where to turn. For those who wish to find an alternative to abortion or facing parenthood before they are ready, adoption may be an option. Parents seeking to adopt a child from a birth mother should get legal assistance right away.

Those who are already in a child’s life are often the best people to provide a loving forever home. Still, the law has checks and balances in place to protect children, so you should consult a lawyer early in the process.

Perhaps one of the most common types of adoption is when a temporary parent (or foster parent) decides to petition the court for permanent parenthood through adoption. These can be emotional and beautiful moments when a child who has been moved from home to home finally realizes the love of a permanent family.

Sometimes people come to an attorney having already found a child they wish to adopt; other times they may be working with a placement agency to locate a child. Either way, it is always a good idea to consult an attorney as early as possible.

Qualifications To Adopt In Alabama

While many people may wish to adopt a child in Alabama, not everyone will qualify. In general, the basic qualifications are as follows:

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When you have decided that you are ready to take the next step in becoming an adoptive parent, contact Five Points Law Group to learn more about the process and how a skilled adoption lawyer can help you successfully navigate the adoption process in Alabama.

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