Racial Discrimination

Even in the 21st century, racism can be an issue in the workplace. Have you been passed up for a promotion, and you think your race may be the reason? Were you laid off or “downsized,” but you believe the reasons given were just excuses for racially biased employment discrimination? Are co-workers or supervisors making racially charged jokes or diminishing your merit or worth based on your race?

If any of these sound like your workplace, then you should contact a Birmingham racial discrimination lawyer today. Five Points Law Group helps people throughout the Birmingham area who have suffered from employment discrimination.

What is Racial Discrimination?

Regardless of what state you work in, federal law prohibits employers from using your race to make hiring, firing, promotion, or other employment decisions. Of course, it can be difficult to figure out the real reasons for negative employment actions. Still, experienced employment law attorneys are often able to get to the bottom of the situation and draw out the truth.

Like other types of discrimination, racial discrimination occurs when an employer engages in behavior, conduct, or other practices that create a situation in which employees are treated differently based on their race and/or color. This can include any of the following if race is the basis for the decision:

How can You Tell if Race Played a Role in a Negative Employment Action?

Proving discrimination can be hard because employers may use seemingly reasonable excuses. These are known as “pretexts.” They serve as a legitimate excuse for an illegitimate action.

Here are a few common examples of pretexts for racial discrimination:

After years of a perfect record, supervisors begin fabricating or looking for petty reasons to “write up” the employee for minor issues that were never a problem in the past

Sometimes an employer makes the decision to push an employee out of the company, and it may be clear from words, language, and context that race is the reason. To make it seem legitimate, the employer may begin ‘building a record’ by creating petty or unnecessary write-ups or disciplinary actions.


 Not inviting members of a certain race to special events, especially those who could have a positive impact on careers (conferences, training, etc.)

 In some jobs, regular training or attendance at certain events may be crucial to advancement. One creative, yet insidious method of discrimination is excluding members of one racial group from those events in order to ensure that only members of another racial group advance.


 Informal or “unwritten” policies that seem to only apply to people of a specific racial or ethnic group

In some cases, employers have applied certain rules such as tardiness policies, lunch or break rules, or other company rules to minorities and members of particular racial groups.


Unwarranted intrusions, inspections, or heightened suspicion of members of one race, when the same intrusions, inspections or suspicion do not apply to others

In some particularly stark examples, employers have even subjected certain employees to daily searches, while not requiring this of others. This is an overt, yet clear act of discrimination.

Protecting Your Rights Against Racial Discrimination

At Five Points Law Group, we are devoted to protecting workers who suffer from racial discrimination. Call today to speak with an attorney and learn whether you might be entitled to financial compensation from your employer.

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