What is “retaliation?” We hear the term a lot, but when is an employer actually responsible for compensating an employee for unfair and unlawful retaliation? If you suspect that your employer has taken negative actions against you as a way of punishing or “retaliating” against you, then you may have a right to be compensated for your loss of income and the damage done to your career.

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What is Retaliation?

Employment retaliation is the most common form of employment discrimination alleged in federal complaints, according to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency charged with handling these disputes. It happens when an employee reports something, speaks up against an unlawful behavior or policy, or files a claim against an employer, and as a direct result, the employer takes adverse actions against the employee. It can be difficult to prove, and employers almost always have an excuse or “pretext” for their conduct.

Common Forms of Retaliation

Various state and federal laws provide protections for people who file complaints or participate in or speak up as witnesses. Here are just a few examples of actions that are protected by law:

What Compensation is Available for Unlawful Retaliation?

If your employer fires or demotes you or takes any other unfavorable employment actions against you for an unlawful purpose (including those named above), you may have a right to pursue compensation from your employer. Compensation may include:

How to Pursue Compensation for Employment Retaliation

The first step to obtaining compensation is preserving your rights and protecting your legal standing to bring a claim. This may mean filing a claim with the EEOC. Time is often limited for doing so. Therefore, you should never delay speaking with an attorney about your situation. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to obtain justice. Memories fade, witnesses move away, and records go missing.

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